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Welcome to ABF Ingredients

ABF Ingredients is a division of Associated British Foods, comprising a range of ingredient companies operating under their own identities and business models. Focusing on high-value ingredients for both food and non-food applications, ABF Ingredients has established strong market positions in enzymes, yeast extracts, specialty lipids, emulsifiers, cereal specialties and pharmaceuticals amongst others. Find out more about ABF Ingredients

Welcome to ABF IngredientsWelcome to ABF IngredientsWelcome to ABF IngredientsWelcome to ABF IngredientsWelcome to ABF Ingredients

Spotlight: Our products

  • Thumbnail image for Antacid Actives
    Antacid Actives

    Antacid actives are the active ingredients within a pharmaceutical formulation for the symptomatic treatment of gastritis and GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease/heartburn).

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  • Thumbnail image for Enzymes

    Enzymes (Greek for “in the cell” formerly also called ferments) are biologically the most important group of proteins.

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  • Thumbnail image for Drug Delivery Systems
    Drug Delivery Systems

    Drug delivery systems are technologies designed for transporting a pharmaceutical compound in the body as needed to safely achieve its desired therapeutic effect.

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  • Thumbnail image for Extruded Ingredients
    Extruded Ingredients

    Our extruded ingredients are developed to address physical characteristics such as color, size, shape, density, moisture and mouth feel.

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  • Thumbnail image for Pharmaceutical Excipients
    Pharmaceutical Excipients

    An excipient is any component of a medication that does not provide a therapeutic benefit.

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  • Thumbnail image for Specialty Lipids
    Specialty Lipids

    Lipids are fatty acids and their derivatives, and substances related biosynthetically or functionally to these compounds.

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  • Thumbnail image for Specialty Powders
    Specialty Powders

    Specialty powdered products are often referred to as “Pantry” products.

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  • Thumbnail image for Specialty Flours
    Specialty Flours

    Our flours and rice meals are made from different varieties of rice and are available in a wide range of different particle sizes.

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  • Thumbnail image for Surfactants

    A surfactant is not just your everyday soap. Yes, as defined by the Collins Dictionary, a surfactant is a substance that can reduce the surface tension of a liquid and thus allow it to foam or penetrate solids.

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  • Thumbnail image for Taste-Masked Actives
    Taste-Masked Actives

    Taste-masking techniques are applied to mask or overcome the bitter or unpleasant taste of active pharmaceutical ingredients/drugs to achieve patient acceptability and compliance.

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  • Thumbnail image for Yeast Extracts
    Yeast Extracts

    Yeast is a single cell micro-organism (fungus) that converts sugar and starch into carbon dioxide bubbles and alcohol.

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  • Thumbnail image for Vaccine Adjuvants
    Vaccine Adjuvants

    A vaccine adjuvant is defined as any substance that acts to accelerate, prolong, or enhance antigen-specific immune responses when used in combination with specific vaccine antigens.

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Our news

13th Jan, 2017

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8th Nov, 2016

Adjusted earnings per share 5% ahead George Weston, Chief Executive of Associated British Foods, said: “This has been a…

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