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Specialty Lipids

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What are Specialty Lipids?

Lipids are fatty acids and their derivatives, and substances related biosynthetically or functionally to these compounds. They fall into several categories and are defined by the Collins English Dictionary as emulsifiers, esters, lipids, sterols and triglycerides.

Structured lipids chemically consist of medium chain fatty acids and select long chain fatty acids attached to a glycerol backbone. The function and properties of structured lipids depend on the type of fatty acids moieties present and the position of their attachment to the backbone. Long chain fatty acids are chosen for particular functional properties they impart to the final product or for their biological function after ingestion. Medium chain fatty acids are chosen as a readily available source of energy that, in general, does not contribute to fat storage.


ABITEC produces specialty lipids for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and specialty markets. ABITEC’s product line for specialty lipids function as bioavailability enhancing excipients, nutritional supplements, bodying agents, dispersants, energy sources, solubilizers, suppository bases, carriers, lubricants, viscosity modifiers, conditioning agents, emulsifiers, specialty bases and wetting agents.  These products can serve a wide range of dosage forms including oral, parenteral, topical, transdermal, ocular and others.

CAPMUL® may be used as a majority component in solubilization/emulsification formulations.  Or whenever necessary, CAPMUL based formulations may be customized with the inclusion of CAPTEX® medium-chain triglycerides and/or ACCONON® nonionic surfactants, added for enhanced bioavailability.

CAPTEX® medium chain triglycerides are prepared from high-purity vegetable oil fatty acids and glycerol or other glycols. They have been specifically designed for food, flavour, nutritional and nutraceutical products which require highly refined nutritionals, solubilzers, extenders, and carriers. The CAPTEX ranges are Kosher, Halal, cGMP, and food grade.

NUTRI SPERSE® is a unique line of specialty lipid based nutritional bases which are designed to be highly dispersible in hot and cold aqueous solutions. Our nutritional bases are designed for low & no carbohydrate applications and are the ideal foundations upon which to build. The NUTRI SPERSE products are used as beverage bases and are kosher.

PURECO® products are refined, bleached and deodorized natural vegetable oils and have various uses for food applications. They have the ability to be heated to a high temperature without smoking or otherwise breaking down allowing fried foods to brown and cook quickly. The oils can be used as replacement fats, lubricants, and flavour carriers.


For further information on the Specialty Lipid products available, please visit the ABITEC Corp website.