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What are Surfactants?

A surfactant is not just your everyday soap.  Yes, as defined by the Collins Dictionary, a surfactant is a substance that can reduce the surface tension of a liquid and thus allow it to foam or penetrate solids.  The term surfactant comes from the words surface active agent.  They function by breaking down the interface between water and oil, and in the case of soap, resulting in the grease transfer from your grubby hands into the soapy water.  However, surfactants have far exceeded the soap and detergent market, offering a wide range of surface chemistry functions to be used across an array of specialty markets.


ABITEC offers a diverse range of surfactants for the specialty chemicals market. ABITEC’s product line for surfactants service the following industries and markets; Contract manufacturing, car rinse aids, fabric softeners, industrial markets and personal care.

ACCONON® products represent a wide range of nonionic surfactants which are useful as cleansers, dispersants, solubilizers, and viscosity control agents in anionic systems. Acconon CO7, CC6, C30, C80, S35, and 6C10 are low irritation surfactants, which offer great after feel, and refatting properties.

CAPMUL® surfactants are sodium alkyl lactylates prepared throught the condensation of lactic acid (milk) and fatty acids. They are generally mild, high foaming viscosifiers, and are perfect replacements for alkanolamides. They are prepared from renewable resources and are food grade.

ACCOQUAT® OMS-5 is an easy to use organic quaternary ammonium compound, compatible for use in anionic systems and therefore “2 in 1” formulations. Derived from Oleic Acid the product offers light conditioning to skin and hair as well as film-forming properties.

For further information about the Surfactant products we offer, please visit the ABITEC Corp. website.