Ohly's X-SEED® yeast-based nutrients are a powerful tool for the biotechnology industry to achieve high yields, titers and productivity in fermentation processes. They are a balanced source of complex nutrients and contain amino acids, peptides, vitamins, minerals as well as growth factors and nucleotides.

Fermentation processes are very different, from producing probiotics to insulin and feed additives. Each of these fermentation processes has its specific production host and process conditions, resulting in unique nutrient requirements. Ohly’s toolbox of yeast based complex nutrients helps you to give the optimal nutrient mix for each specific process, and get the most out of your process. Their products are derived from non-GMO yeast, they are natural, vegan and allergen-free, halal and kosher certified.

Ohly’s portfolio includes: yeast extracts produced from primary cultivated yeast providing the main nutrients for large scale fermentations using yeasts, bacteria or fungi. Enriched yeast extracts which can meet the enhanced requirements of specific nutrients. Also, several peptone products produced from primary cultivated baker’s yeast and thus offering a higher quality consistency compared to plant or dairy-derived peptones, for which growth and processing is less controlled.

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Ohly is one of the world’s leading suppliers of yeast extracts and culinary powders for the food, fermentation, health and animal feed markets.