Ohly's X-SEED® yeast-based nutrients are a powerful tool for the biotechnology industry to achieve high yields, titers and productivity in fermentation processes. They are a balanced source of complex nutrients and contain amino acids, peptides, vitamins, minerals as well as growth factors and nucleotides. 

There are very many different fermentation processes, from the production of probiotics to insulin and feed additives. Each of these fermentation processes has its specific production host and process conditions, resulting in unique nutrient requirements. Ohly’s diverse portfolio of yeast-based nutrient solutions is able to provide the optimal nutrient mixture for each specific process.

Yeast extracts

Yeast extracts are a complete source of nutrients for your fermentation process. The inclusion of yeast extract in the growth medium will increase the productivity, and yield.

Enriched yeast extracts

Certain micro-organisms require additional specific nutrients beyond what is naturally present in a regular yeast extract. Ohly’s enriched yeast extracts can cover these higher nutrient demands, resulting in further optimization of your fermentation process.

Yeast peptone

Some micro-organisms prefer peptides over free amino acids as their complex nitrogen source. Ohly offers several peptone products produced from yeast proteins that are non-GMO, animal-free, allergen-free, Kosher and Halal.

Inactive yeast

The use of inactive yeast, instead of yeast extracts or peptones, provides a release of nutrients from the yeast cell during your fermentation process. This can avoid inhibition of productivity by the presence of high concentrations of specific nutrients at the start of your process.

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