Customers: We provide our customers with safe, high-quality, future-ready products

What our people achieve for our customers is at the heart of everything we do. Our creative solutions to sustainability issues are wide-ranging. Our scientists are developing enzymes that make products work better. We’re formulating ingredients that make food healthier and more nutritious. And we’re constantly finding new and innovative ways to make vital drugs easier and better to administer. Now, more than ever before, our customers are looking to us to help them create better products for the world. Our scientists, innovators, and technical experts are committed to the challenge.

We use our technical expertise to solve problems for our customers, including manufacturing enzymes which, besides their technical performance, are able to address specific environmental challenges. These include cutting food waste by extending the shelf life of bread and reducing the need for chemicals for bleaching as well as the energy consumption in the production of paper.

We have also created enzymes that improve the effectiveness of laundry detergent, allowing consumers to save energy by washing their clothes at a lower temperature while achieving even better cleaning performance compared to detergents without enzymes.