Better health and nutrition

Across ABF Ingredients, our companies are making strides in promoting better and easier nutrition, along with simpler ways to take pharmaceutical products.

Through these customer solutions, we are proud to align with SDG 3: Good health and wellbeing (target 3.4), an ambition to ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all.

Reducing sugar and salt in food

Excess dietary salt is linked to increased blood pressure and a greater risk of heart disease and stroke. At Ohly, they’ve helped food manufacturers reduce the level of salt in foods by developing yeast extracts that bring a rich flavour to foods without the need for excessive salt. Ohly’s FLAV-R-MAX and PROVESTA® 512 allow salt reduction of up to 50% without compromising taste.

The World Health Organization and other public health bodies recommend reducing free or added sugars intake to help maintain a healthy diet. With many governments now enforcing sugar reduction programmes, reductions of sugar content by 20% or more is expected. Ohly’s SAV-R-SWEET yeast extract is a natural, superior-quality sugar replacement without the bitterness and off-tastes of high-intensity sweeteners.

To help food manufacturers bring lower sugar foods to market, PGP formulated PAC-GEL®. It’s a formulation that has a neutral flavour profile and allows manufacturers to replace up to 35% of syrup-based binding ingredients in cereals, cookies, and crackers without using artificial flavours or non-clean label ingredients.

Nutritious ingredients

PGP International’s extruded grain and protein crisp products from soy, pea, and rice contain up to 90% protein. Popular in bars, breakfast cereals, and protein snacks, they’re naturally vegan and help deliver elevated nutrition requirements for food manufacturers.

ABITEC’s lipids play an essential role in the nutritional health market, providing ingredients for healthy lifestyle products such as dietary supplements, sports nutrition, weight management and clinical nutrition to support long-term health and wellness. Captex 8000, ABITEC’s high C8 content medium-chain triglycerides, is helping to support better cognitive performance, which is increasingly important as populations age.

Ohly’s AUXOFERM® products play a central role in their portfolio. AUXOFERM® Vitamin Yeast is heat-inactivated and denatured to increase the bioavailability of the nutritional components and provides a daily dietary supplement containing essential amino acids, minerals, and B vitamins. Ohly’s customers can formulate this vital ingredient into sports drinks, tablets, capsules, and dragees.

Support for specialist diets

Together, ABITEC, PGP, and Ohly have a range of products that support a general increase in specialist diets, whether vegetarian, vegan, keto, kosher, halal, gluten-free, reduced-sodium or paleo. For example, PGP’s breaders and coatings bring the same texture and flavour of breadcrumbs without gluten. They can also be organic, non-GMO, certified organic, and kosher. ABITEC’s nutritional and functional non-GMO lipids bring a range of benefits to keto-friendly products that can be incorporated in drinks, energy shots, and bars. Ohly’s comprehensive range of flavours helps brings meaty taste to substitute products, supporting those following vegan, vegetarian, or flexitarian diets.

Better healthcare

SPI Pharma believes that taking medication should never be a daunting experience. Yet, for some, predominantly geriatric and paediatric patients, conventional methods of taking drugs can be problematic. SPI Pharma has produced alternatives, including soft chew formats, that improve patient compliance and medical outcomes. Other products, such as those that enable the active components of pharmaceuticals to become more effective and easily absorbed, are also making a significant impact on health outcomes in patients.

Ground-breaking research from ABITEC, our speciality lipid ingredients company, is advancing the development of lipids and expedients used in the fight against cancer. With Larodan AB joining the team at ABITEC, we have increased our scientific capabilities to serve the pharmaceutical and nutritional sectors with innovative, patient-friendly breakthroughs.

Sports nutrition

ABITEC's ingredients allow manufacturers to produce sports drinks, food, and supplements. These ingredients provide sustainable energy, increase thermogenesis, promote prolonged satiety, aid in cognitive function, and promote post-workout recovery. Customers can choose formulations from sustainable sources of raw materials, including coconut, palm-free, and RSPO options.

Weight management

A rise in global obesity continues to contribute to health issues. ABITEC provides nutritional companies with expertly selected ingredients for weight management regimens in various formats, including formulations for meal replacements, protein shakes, and coffee creamers.