Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Part of being a future-ready, sustainable organisation is encouraging a diverse and inclusive workforce. Fairness and respect are at the core of our values, making our workplaces welcoming places for all. We want every employee to be proud to work for us, knowing that their voices are heard and that they have an impact.

We provide safe and motivating workplaces that embrace a fully inclusive workforce, warmly welcoming people from all backgrounds, regardless of age, gender, disability, religion, or race. We offer programmes to encourage inclusive working practices, fulfilling employment and fair rewards within our businesses and supply chains, aligned with SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, target 8.5.

We believe that our strength of inclusivity and diversity not only drives innovation but makes us the employer of choice for talent in the speciality ingredients sector.

Mitigating bias in our recruitment process

Our success depends on attracting and retaining the best people who can bring diverse thoughts and ideas and hail from a breadth of backgrounds. We know that diversity of thought enriches teamwork and ultimately provides better outcomes. During recruitment, we have adopted the principle that we should find reasons for bringing individuals into our businesses, rather than finding reasons to screen them out. We’re committed to being non-discriminatory but recognise that we need to put proactive measures in place to ensure this happens, such as unconscious bias training.

Excellence in leadership capability

Through our ABF Ingredients virtual education programme, we’re developing exceptional leaders who have the tools and techniques to empower their teams in an inclusive way. Sharing learnings and best practices is an asset of being a multicultural and multinational organisation. Discussing leadership challenges with colleagues from other businesses has fostered intercultural awareness and better networks.

Women of AB Enzymes

In October 2016, AB Enzymes created the Women's Business Forum. Every quarter, 30 women from six markets collaborate on the diversity and inclusion agenda. Enhanced by guest speaker sessions, topics include regional differences in maternity provision and returning to work after pregnancy. The group developed a good practice guide for HR and line managers to refer to before, during, and after maternity leave.