Planet: We respect the planet’s natural resources and protect the environment for future generations

Precious world resources are under increasing pressure from population growth. Climate change is adding further complexity as the world needs to cut emissions to secure a net zero future. Becoming more energy efficient in our operations by producing more from less energy and switching to renewable options are both key to cutting carbon and costs in the long term. Equally important, we also have the opportunity to provide solutions that allow others to reduce their carbon footprint through our products.

In alignment with SDG 13: Climate Action which asks for urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts, we are starting by measuring greenhouse gas emissions from our operations. We are creating an emissions inventory across our entire value chain to identify risks and opportunities to mitigate our contributions (target 13.3). We’re also strengthening our climate resilience to protect against changing climate patterns and acute weather events like floods and wildfires. We’re reducing our reliance on fossil fuels by exploring opportunities to self-generate energy from renewable sources and to procure cleaner energy.