Our Promise is to be the partner of choice for our customers.
Our Portfolio offers value adding ingredients.

The very nature of some of our ingredients helps our customers to enhance their own manufacturing processes such as by minimising energy and water consumption or replacing the use of harsh chemicals.  Our ingredients can also help to boost the performance of products when used by the end-consumer. 

We develop innovative and value-adding products and services to help solve problems for our customers.  As leaders in specialty ingredients, we have strong technological expertise, which means we are able to convert science and our know-how into products which have a wide breadth of functions. 

For example, we manufacture enzymes which, beside their technical performance, are able to address specific environmental challenges.  These challenges include cutting food waste by extending the shelf life of bread, reducing the need for chemicals for bleaching in textiles, and lowering the energy consumption required for the production of paper. 

We have also created enzymes that improve the effectiveness of laundry detergent, allowing consumers to save energy by washing their clothes at a lower temperature while achieving even better cleaning performance compared to detergents without enzymes.

Our pharmaceutical excipients are key to the formulation of drugs with improved bioavailability, taste and mouthfeel, therefore enhancing the patients’ experience and reducing toxicity risks.

We are actively involved with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and all our sites have GSFI certified programmes.  In addition, our relevant sites have Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) certification, which is the foundation for pharmaceutical drug product quality.  We have SEDEX membership with the aim to promote responsible supply chain management and better business conditions for all in our industry.

Our customers know they can trust ABF Ingredients to deliver superior quality and safe products. 

Our customers work in heavily regulated industries where safety and quality assurance are paramount. We’re committed to creating a consistent, compliant and controlled supply chain, end to end. That’s why all of our companies have the highest level of certifications and quality standards, from ISO to Pharma GMP. 

Our ingredients may be small but they can make a big difference when we work with our customers to address environmental and health issues which impact many aspects of the lives of people around the world.  We will continue to explore and offer innovative, differentiated and value-adding products and services.