Our People are the foundation of our success. 
Our Place of Work is a safe, fair and stimulating environment.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

We consider the effective management of employees’ health and safety to be of equal importance to all other business activities in which we are engaged. We have implemented strong safety governance within ABF Ingredients with the Senior Leadership Team showing visible commitment to a culture of continuous improvement in our safety performance.  Our community of health and safety leaders exchange information and experiences so that our businesses continuously learn from each other, from others within the ABF group and from external good practice.

Across all our sites, management and employee representatives work together to preventatively identify and solve significant safety and ill-health risks.  Annual safety improvement plans address specific safety risks identified at each site.  The injury performance of every site is monitored and reviewed every month with all sites implementing action plans to reduce injuries.  Safety indicators are also used to contribute to investment decisions in safety improvements.  Managers and employees at all levels are actively involved contributing to increasing safety everywhere and at all times.

Two of our businesses have achieved the internationally recognized certification for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, ISO 45001 (formerly OHSAS 18001). 

Our proactive approach to embedding a robust health and safety culture is delivering positive results.  We have demonstrated significant improvements in recent years in our safety performance with a downward trend in the number of Lost Time Incidents (LTIs) and recordable injuries across our businesses. 

We remain focused on continuously improving our performance, and ensuring our safety culture is sustainable by having a united approach to safety across our businesses.  Being innovative is also integral to our way of working and this has been incorporated into the way we have developed positive recognition as part of our safety culture. Our annual ABF Ingredients Safety Recognition Programme rewards the performance of individuals or teams for initiatives and innovation in safe working practices. In addition, winners choose local good causes to which ABF Ingredients makes a charity donation.

Our businesses deliver a range of programmes to improve work-life balance and support the mental and physical health of our employees and others who work with us.  These programmes aim to increase awareness of positive healthy behaviours, provide opportunities to make lifestyle changes in areas such as diet and exercise, financial management and stress management and facilitate employees’ wellbeing when faced with personal situations.

ABF Ingredients will meet its responsibilities as a global employer by:

  1. Providing health and safety leadership and direction throughout our global business operations in all the ABF Ingredients businesses.
  2. Ensuring all our businesses develop and implement health and safety management systems that are communicated to all employees, contractors and other relevant stakeholders, are implemented with discipline and are subject to continual review.
  3. Monitoring health and safety performance using leading and lagging indicators so that performance improvements are targeted.
  4. Ensuring sufficient resources for health and safety management are allocated throughout the businesses to effectively manage risk.
  5. Supporting all ABF Ingredients businesses by the setting of tangible goals and implementing programmes which recognize strong health and safety performance or efforts by individuals and teams.
  6. Ensuring that this global statement of intent is executed and kept under continuous review.

ABF Ingredients expects all our businesses to implement the above and, in particular:

  1. Ensure that policies and arrangements are in place for the systematic management of health and safety risks, so those risks can be effectively prevented, addressed and controlled.
  2. Ensure that all our businesses meet the objectives of the internationally recognised management standards; OHSAS, ISO 45001 and ILO-OSH 2001.
  3. Ensure that all their systems and procedures address leadership, employee and contractor engagement, consultation, communication, training and recognition.
  4. Ensure that organizational arrangements for health and safety management comply with national laws, applicable guidance and local culture.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our growth agenda depends on attracting, orienting and retaining the best people.  To assist in doing this we need inclusive, diverse teams.  We have adopted the principle during recruitment that we should find reasons for bringing individuals into our businesses, rather than finding reasons to screen them out.  We are focusing on removing bias and barriers to increasing inclusion and diversity and creating the conditions that allow people joining our businesses to thrive. 

While our Diversity and Inclusion initiatives will not on their own eliminate bias, they aim to reduce the occurrence of biases that are not relevant to the performance of the job.  We aim for our people to make the best decisions, based on objective measures, when attracting, selecting and developing individuals who will add value to the business and grow to meet their potential.

Each of our businesses operate independently, which helps foster an entrepreneurial spirit. We are able to share resources and create common frameworks across our businesses.  This enables us to add value through inclusivity, ensuring we are more than the sum of our parts.  For our employees, this creates exciting development opportunities within their role and career with ABF Ingredients and potentially wider, across our parent company, Associated British Foods plc.

We have also made significant investment to ensure all managers across the division are provided with the opportunity and tools to develop and enhance their leadership skills.  The aim is to provide a high quality common framework and core skills which can be tailored and prioritised to suit an individual business’s needs.  The training focuses on key principles such as sharing thoughts to help build trust, listening and responding with empathy and encouraging involvement. 

Promoting the empowerment of every employee is important to us.  We are investing in training and mentoring of women, and building partnerships with local organisations as well as having representatives engaged with ABF’s Women’s Business Forums.

As part of our Human Resource management process, we measure the progress made in gender diversity twice a year.

Human Rights

We are fully committed to respecting human rights across our whole supply chain.  We believe that our responsibility towards our people and those who work alongside us is fundamental.  Our commitment to respect human rights is founded on a strong ethos of workplace safety and employee wellbeing, and is supported by our commitment to the UN Declaration on Human Rights.  Our commitment spans our duty to be responsible for those who work for and with us, to be a responsible neighbour within our communities and to be responsible stewards of our environment.

In the event of an incident or suspected incident of human rights abuse, we are committed to undertake a comprehensive investigation to identify the root cause. This may involve the co-operation of third-parties (for example NGOs, trade unions and local charities). We would ensure that the appropriate remediation takes place not only to correct the issue uncovered, but also to mitigate the risk of recurrence, taking into consideration local and national law where such an incident occurs in our supply chain.

Modern Slavery

We are committed to eradicating modern slavery practices wherever they may be found in our operations and supply chains. As a subsidiary of Associated British Foods (ABF), this commitment is already articulated in ABF’s Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement which applies to all ABF businesses.  In addition, ABF’s Supplier Code of Conduct requires any supplier to ABF Ingredients to adhere to ABF’s principles within the Code, which clearly states our zero-tolerance of all types of modern slavery related issues. 

We have an e-learning programme for all our employees to raise awareness of modern slavery, highlighting the risks of forced labour and provide guidance on what individuals can do to tackle modern slavery.  The e-learning programme is being rolled out across our businesses, starting with the Senior Leadership Team undertaking the training.

Read ABF’s Modern Slavery Statement 2018 at: