SPI Pharma

SPI Pharma is dedicated to developing drug formulation products for pharmaceutical customers all over the world.

The company supplies a range of specially engineered formulation solutions, including antacid actives, taste masking technology, drug delivery systems and fast dissolving products. These products are designed to help customers create patient friendly drugs that are safe, effective and reliable.

Through its Pharmasolutions programme, SPI Pharma also offers a comprehensive drug development and testing service so customers can avoid the trial and error of getting new products to the market.

SPI Pharma employs a technical support team consisting of experienced pharmacists and chemists aimed to help assist customers with any formulation issues. The team can provide on-site training when needed to ensure customers are getting the most out of products in order to achieve success.

With over 75 years of experience serving over 55 countries, SPI Pharma has a proven track record developing innovative, high quality formulation solutions that exceed global regulatory requirements.