PGP International

PGP International is our extrusion specialist, producing rice-based flours, specialty flours and extruded ingredients for the food and nutraceutical industries.

PGP International produces extruded crisp products for the cereal, energy and nutritional bar sectors. Made from soy, pea protein or rice, they can be tailor made to any size, shape or texture depending on their customers’ needs.

Based in the USA, PGP International is also a domestic market leader in rice flour manufacturing, trusted for their attention to detail.

With a mission to provide nutrition and texture to on-the-go food and convenience products, PGP International also offers solutions for food formulators seeking natural alternatives to chemical additives. Their innovative PAC® ingredients have been specially developed to improve the taste and texture of baked goods as well as nutritional supplement and dairy replacement drinks or ice cream. In addition, their range of texturised pea proteins, PROLIFICA®, offers a healthier, more sustainable option for plant-based meat products.

The company is committed to responding to customer needs as consumer demand evolves. They are focussed on providing clear and transparent information about their products, reflecting their natural, sustainable ingredients and best-in-class approach to food safety and reducing allergen risks.

This is further supported by: BRC audits and standards; Certified Organic Manufacturer Status; Kosher Status; Gluten-Free Certification Organisation and Numerous Customer Audits Evaluation Results.