Antacid Actives

These products relieve the stomach pain associated with conditions such as gastritis and heartburn by neutralising and absorbing acids in the stomach.

SPI Pharma is the global leader in antacid actives. They provide a selection of different pastes, gels and powders to provide excellent mouthfeel in suspension medicines as well as supplying powders and directly compressible ingredients for chewable or easy-to-swallow tablets.

They specialise in aluminium, magnesium, and calcium products but they can also provide pre-formulated solutions to help their customers get products to market quickly and safely.

SPI helps their customers to move beyond traditional dosage forms and works with them to develop the exact formulation they need to create new products for a broader reach in the market.

SPI Pharma’s high quality, secure production processes meet and exceed USP and EP pharmacopeia specifications, as well as cGMP requirements for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and finished dosage forms (FDFs).

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SPI Pharma provides the innovative solutions our global pharmaceutical and nutritional customers need to succeed.

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