Our Products

In the pantry, the medicine cupboard, the lab and the workplace, you’re sure to find a great product that’s been crafted by ABF Ingredients’ innovation and expertise. That’s because our products have always been an essential part of products we use every day.

Antacid Actives

These products relieve the stomach pain associated with conditions such as gastritis and heartburn by neutralising and absorbing acids in the stomach.

Culinary Powders

Ohly’s PRODRY® Culinary powders offer the complex flavour compositions of their wet counterparts in an easy to handle, free flowing powder format.


Enzymes have long been used by industrial product makers as catalysts to efficiently transform raw materials into ingredients and end products.

Extruded Grain and Protein Crisps

Some of the most famous brands in the world rely on PGP International’s extruded crisp products. And they’ll work with you to develop new technologies so you can create your own products.

Microbiome Modulating Solutions

ABbiotek Health specialise in microbiome modulating ingredients, using fermentation technology involving bacteria, yeast and enzymes.

Pharmaceutical Excipients

With its dedicated pharmaceutical facilities and commitment to high quality standards, SPI Pharma works with its customers to produce cost effective, high quality pharmaceutical and nutritional excipient products.


Fytexia uses botanical polyphenols and other micronutrients found in plants to produce a range of specialty nutraceutical ingredients for dietary supplements and healthcare products. 

Specialty Flours

Natural rice based flours that are free from chemical additives make up PGP International’s range of PAC® branded products, which are ideal for food and non food applications.

Specialty Lipids

Customers all over the world count on ABITEC Corporation for high purity lipids that can be used in a variety of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications.

Surfactants and Emulsifiers

ABITEC Corporation’s surfactants and emulsifiers are widely used in personal care, cleaning and metalworking. You can even call on their expertise to develop and improve your own products.

Taste Masking Technology

Using its patented Actimask technology, SPI Pharma can help customers improve the taste, effectiveness and mouth feel of a wide range of tablets and pain relief drugs.

Vaccine Adjuvants

SPI Pharma’s vaccine adjuvants can improve the performance of human and veterinary vaccines. The company is always on hand to help customers optimise or match their existing adjuvants.

Yeast Extracts

Ohly produces a range of specialty yeast extracts and yeast-based flavours that can be used for accentuating savoury, roasted and meaty notes, or for sugar and salt reduction.