Culinary Powders

Ohly’s PRODRY® culinary powders offer the same complex flavour compositions of their liquid counterparts in a free flowing powder format that's easy to handle during food preparation.

Ohly’s PRODRY® culinary powders are dried versions of popular 'store cupboard' ingredients which are traditionally used in liquid form at home or in restaurants. Thanks to Ohly's extensive experience in taste ingredient development and manufacturing, PRODRY® products retain the volatile aroma to turn your product into a tantalising flavour experience.

The dry powder is convenient to handle during processing, ensures consistency in food preparation and offers unique flavour opportunities for snacks, soups, sauces and meat products.

The PRODRY® range includes:

  • Vinegar powders
  • Mustard powders
  • Hot Sauce powders
  • Sweetener powders
  • Specialty fruit powders such as Lemon Powder

Ohly can produce custom dry products by turning customers’ liquid or viscous ingredients into a flavourful, easy-to-use powder.

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Ohly is one of the world’s leading suppliers of yeast extracts, yeast based flavours and specialty powders for the food, fermentation, health and animal feed markets globally.

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