Weight Management and Energy

With sports, energy and weight management products commanding an ever-greater share of the nutritional supplement market, ABITEC Corporation and Fytexia offer innovative ingredients to deliver health benefits for the consumer.

ABITEC’s wide-ranging specialty lipids portfolio offers extended functional and nutritional benefits for applications in the functional food, dietary supplement, and nutrition markets. In particular, their Captex® Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) provide sustainable energy and promote prolonged satiety. These can also be delivered in Nutri Sperse® lipid powders to provide improved taste and texture alongside benefits like health weight management.

Specialising in the scientific demonstration of the benefits of polyphenols and peptides, Fytexia uses stringent research and clinical studies to develop active nutrients for healthcare products and dietary supplements. Sinetrol® targets body weight management and is clinically supported to contribute to the reduction of excess fat mass and to improve body composition over the long term. DNF-10® supports appetite control, lowering calorie intake and reducing body fat mass, with benefits demonstrated after the first weeks of supplementation.

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ABITEC is a global manufacturer of specialty lipid ingredients for the pharmaceutical, nutritional, personal care, and industrial specialty markets.  ABITEC delivers a wide range of solutions in solubilisation, emulsification, and lubrication.

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Fytexia is an expert life science company developing scientifically supported active nutrients for dietary supplements.

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