AB Enzymes

AB Enzymes is an industrial biotech company specialising in enzymes and their applications in focused markets. In addition to supplying a large range of proven product brands, they can also adapt or tailor enzyme solutions to meet customers’ functional and technical requirements.

Since 1907, AB Enzymes has been using its extensive R&D expertise in molecular biology and biochemistry to develop, manufacture and supply enzyme preparations for various industrial applications. Enzymes are biological catalysts found everywhere in nature. They enable safer and environmentally friendlier processes within industrial activities by accelerating biochemical reactions, working at lower temperatures and moderate pH levels. Working in close partnerships with businesses worldwide, AB Enzymes supports a diverse range of customers by providing sustainable solutions for process optimisation and raw material improvement across a variety of products and applications.

These include:

  • Decreasing energy consumption in recycled paper production
  • Improving washing detergents making it possible to wash clothes at lower temperatures and return wastewater to watercourses which does not damage ecosystems
  • Enabling textile manufacturers to bio-polish and dye fabric in the same bath which not only means reduced water usage, but the process is faster and requires less energy
  • Improving the shelf-life of packaged white bread to reduce food waste

As well as enzymes for baking and various technical applications, AB Enzymes also produces solutions for optimising animal feed, grains, oilseed, fruit juice or proteins.

Headquartered in Germany, with production facilities in Finland, AB Enzymes has a strong European foundation for future growth. With experts in over 60 countries worldwide, they also place great importance on global presence to ensure they are always there when needed to unlock potential growth for their customers. From North America to China, AB Enzymes strives to deliver success for their customers all over the world with solutions that perfectly meet their needs.