ABbiotek Health

ABbiotek Health is a dynamic life sciences company specialising in science-driven microbiome modulating ingredients.

ABbiotek Health use fermentation technology involving bacteria, yeast and enzymes to develop preventive health solutions. Supported by clinical studies, these solutions address a variety of specific health conditions including immuno-deficiency, digestive disorders or joint inflammation.

With applications in dietary supplements, functional food and beverages and pet supplements, ABbiotek Health will work in close partnership with customers to provide solutions in a range of formats and delivery systems according to customers’ preferred business models.

Headquartered in the UK with research and manufacturing facilities across Europe, the global team have developed an extensive product portfolio since their inception in 2019. The subsequent acquisition of DR Healthcare has enabled further expansion. DR Healthcare products focus on the dietary management of chronic conditions such as migraine, ADHD and food intolerances which can be associated with a deficiency of the intestinal enzyme, diamine oxidase (DAO).