Specialty Lipids

Customers all over the world count on ABITEC Corporation for high purity lipids that can be used in a variety of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications.

Lipids are fatty, waxy or oily compounds which can be used as excipients to help increase the solubility of active ingredients in pharmaceutical products and nutritional supplements. ABITEC specialty lipids can also act as carriers and lubricants making them highly versatile and suitable for many different formulations and dosage applications.

  • CAPMUL® mono and diglycerides can be used alone as a primary solubiliser or in conjunction, as an emulsifier, with other ABITEC ingredients.
  • CAPTEX® medium chain esters are prepared from vegetable oil, palm kernel oil and coconut fatty acids. They are used as carriers and solubilisers either alone or in combination with other excipients. They are also well-known for their numerous health benefits which makes them particularly useful in nutritional products targeting weight management, improved performance and cognition.
  • NUTRI SPERSE® powdered lipids are made from a range of healthy oils which are low trans fat and non-hydrogenated. Highly dispersible in hot and cold solutions, they are used in nutritional products to improve taste and provide a creamy mouth feel whilst also delivering benefits like sustained energy, enhanced cognition, and weight management.
  • PURECO® refined natural vegetable oils are used as replacement fats, lubricants, and flavour carriers across the pharmaceutical, personal care and industrial sectors.

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ABITEC is a global manufacturer of specialty lipid ingredients for the pharmaceutical, nutritional, personal care, and industrial specialty markets. ABITEC delivers a wide range of solutions in solubilisation, emulsification, and lubrication.

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