Pharmaceutical Excipients

With its dedicated pharmaceutical facilities and commitment to high quality, SPI Pharma works with its customers to produce superior cost effective pharmaceutical and nutritional excipients.

Through their process, knowledge and formulation expertise, SPI Pharma can support a range of customer applications including swallow tablets, chewable, soft chew, lozenge, orally disintegrating, and soft gel dosage forms. Partnering with SPI Pharma enables customers to produce cost-effective, high-quality, finished pharmaceutical and nutritional products.

SPI Pharma’s excipient products include sweeteners, binders, and lubricants. Their advanced technologies create an easier manufacturing process by simply dry blending the excipient together

  • Effer-Soda® helps formulators to develop effervescent tablets. It acts as a protective layer to stop them from activating prematurely when exposed to moisture.
  • Lubripharm® SSF is a lubricant for tablets that produces a sturdier tablet or capsule that has lower sensitivity to over blending and much faster disintegration times essential for orally disintegrating tablets.
  • Mannogem® Mannitol is the ideal excipient for formulating convenient, patient friendly dosage forms. It dissolves quickly delivering excellent palatability and mouthfeel in dosage forms that are easier to take and more portable.
  • Sorbitol Special® helps improve the appearance of soft gel capsules. It keeps the gelatine shell soft and pliable, making it stable and less prone to cracking so the capsules are easy to handle in a manufacturing environment resulting in a smooth, glossy finish.

The combination of high-quality ingredients and unparalleled technical expertise means SPI Pharma can solve even the most challenging formulation problems. SPI Pharma offers the industry’s most innovative excipient formulations of orally disintegrating tablets and powder products.

SPI Pharma offers 3 delivery systems:

  • Pharmaburst® 500 is an ideal system for orally disintegrating tablets. Used in more than 60 commercialised products worldwide, it produces fast disintegrating tablets that are still hard enough to withstand the mechanics of production, transportation and being pushed out of a blister pack. The rapid disintegration time is crucial for patients to swallow their medication comfortably.
  • Pharmasperse® 416 is an innovative platform specifically engineered to streamline the manufacturing of patient friendly orally dispersible powders which go in sachets or stickpacks. This type of delivery system is highly portable and especially attractive as an alternative to tablets for populations that have difficulty swallowing, such as geriatric and paediatric patients.
  • Advantol® 300 will help to solve any formulation challenges with soft chew or quick melt solid dosage tablets. As an excipient system, Advantol is highly compactable and produces tablets that will have a faster disintegration rate with an overall better mouthfeel.

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