SPI Pharma

SPI Pharma is dedicated to developing patient-friendly drug formulation products for pharmaceutical customers all over the world.

SPI Pharma formulates functional pharmaceutical materials, collaborating with customers to help them solve problems and bring unique products to market. As a global leader, serving over 55 countries, SPI Pharma has a proven track record developing innovative, high quality formulation solutions that exceed global regulatory requirements.

Their product portfolio comprises antacid actives, excipients, taste-masking technology, and drug delivery systems. Their creative dosage formats focus on making medication easy for patients to carry, store and take. This can involve taste-masking technology or smooth dissolve formats as well as more effective formulations which deliver the same therapeutic benefit but with a lower drug loading leading to fewer side-effects.

SPI Pharma also offers a comprehensive drug development and testing service. Run from their centre in Bangalore, India, the Pharmasolutions Programme helps customers avoid the trial and error of getting new products to market by developing prototypes and optimising formulations then providing all the data required for registration.

SPI Pharma employs a technical support team consisting of experienced pharmacists and chemists who will assist customers with any formulation issues. The team provides on-site training when needed to ensure customers are getting the most out of products and maximise the chance of success.