Microbiome Modulating Solutions

ABbiotek Health specialise in microbiome modulating ingredients, using fermentation technology involving bacteria, yeast and enzymes.

Together with their partner DR Healthcare, ABbiotek Health develop a range of solutions based in prebiotic, probiotic, postbiotic (both bacteria and yeasts) and enzymes to address a variety of specific health conditions.

ABB C1® combines postbiotic yeast with zinc yeast, selenium yeast and a new and unique proprietary beta glucan complex. It is clinically proven to train the immune system so that it can react better and more quickly to viruses, allergies and infections.

ABB C22® uses a patented tyndallized yeast consortia fermented with zinc and oral rehydration salts to help provide fast relief from diarrhoea and prevent future bouts. ABB C22® without oral rehydration sales is a potent enhancer of the intestinal barrier function.

Arthelio® is an innovative postbiotic which has been shown to reduce the number and intensity of pain episodes in patients with osteoarthritis symptoms as well as reducing their intake of NSAIDs (anti-inflammatory drugs).

DR Healthcare are leaders in Diamine Oxidase (DAO) technology. DAO is an enzyme naturally present in the gut whose main function is to metabolise the histamine we ingest in the food that we eat. DAO Deficiency is associated with symptoms including migraine, fibromyalgia, atopic skin, digestive problems and ADHD.

Backed by over 100 patents and more than 15 years of research, DR Healthcare supply this active ingredient to pharmaceutical and food companies for the formulation of food supplements and medicines aimed at treating symptoms associated with DAO Deficiency. With two separate production units at their GMP-compliant facility in Tarragona, they offer both animal-based and plant-based DAO enzyme.

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ABbiotek Health is a dynamic life sciences company specialising in science-driven microbiome modulating ingredients.