Animal Health

The pioneering ingredients produced by AB Enzymes, ABITEC Corporation and Ohly for agricultural and pet feed have been specially designed to increase nutritional value, reduce customer costs and improve animal performance without harming the environment.

AB Vista is the sole distributor of AB Enzymes feed enzyme products. AB Vista is an animal nutrition technology company offering pioneering products and technical services to the global animal feed industry. Phytase, xylanase, and beta-glucanase enzymes have become an important tool for improving animal feed efficiency, reducing feed costs whilst maintaining or improving animal performance.

The pet food market continues to grow, and pet owners are just as concerned about the quality of their pets’ food as they are about their own. ABITEC produces a range of products for pet food and supplement applications that can enhance both the nutritional value of pet foods as well as functionality. Their medium-chain triglycerides can be utilised as a solubiliser and/or carrier while also providing nutritional benefits such as, weight wellness, cognition, energy, and improved digestion. ABITEC also carries several other products that help with bioavailability, emulsification, taste-masking.

Ohly's yeast-based specialty products are powerful feed ingredients that deliver better animal performance by improving health status, feed efficiency and feed intake. Their feed safe products are produced from primary cultivated yeast and known for their reliable functionality and consistent quality. Being a sustainable solution, they also help to reduce the use of antibiotics and emission of greenhouse gases by improving the nutritional composition of feed.

Related Businesses

AB Enzymes is an industrial biotech company specialized in enzymes and their applications in focused markets.



ABITEC is a global manufacturer of specialty lipid ingredients for the pharmaceutical, nutritional, personal care, and industrial specialty markets.  ABITEC delivers a wide range of solutions in solubilisation, emulsification, and lubrication.


Ohly is one of the world’s leading suppliers of yeast extracts and
culinary powders for the food, fermentation, health and
animal feed markets.

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