Yeast Extracts

Ohly produces a range of specialty yeast extracts and yeast-based flavours that can be used for accentuating savoury, roasted and meaty notes, or for sugar and salt reduction.

As producers seek to meet consumer demand for healthier and more sustainable foods, they need to reduce or replace ingredients but that can make it difficult to retain great taste. Thanks to their unique natural composition, Ohly yeast extracts are the perfect solution. They are also typically used at very low dosages, making them efficient and versatile ingredients.

From soups to condiments, processed meat to seasoning – Ohly’s yeast-based products provide  pleasant brothy, umami notes which support the savoury character of foods as well as being effective solutions for salt or sugar reduction.

The selection of Dark Yeast Extracts also produces intense roasted meaty notes and dark colour. These are particularly useful to provide authentic taste and flavour in plant-based meat alternatives.

Ohly’s natural yeast extracts are vegan, allergen free, and conform to Kosher and Halal requirements.

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Ohly is one of the world’s leading suppliers of yeast extracts and culinary powders for the food, fermentation, health and animal feed markets.

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