Fytexia uses botanical polyphenols and other micronutrients found in plants to produce a range of specialty nutraceutical ingredients for dietary supplements and healthcare products. 

Fytexia's team of experts work with a global network of researchers following the most stringent scientific principles and practices to develop scientifically supported ingredients across three main health areas:

Metabolism and body composition

Sinetrol® helps to reduce excess fat mass and improve long-term body composition.

DNF-10® helps to lower calorie intake and reduce body fat mass.

Immunity and antioxidant homeostasis

Oxxynea® provides a variety of polyphenols equivalent to the daily consumption of five portions of fruit and vegetables.

Promunel® is a propolis extract obtained using the patented Multi Dynamic Extraction (MED®) process. It is proven to support immune and respiratory health.

Condition specific

Fiit-ns® acts on metabolic ageing markers contributes to an improved feeling of well-being and energy.

Benegut® contributes to a significant reduction in digestive discomfort.

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Fytexia is an expert life science company developing scientifically supported active nutrients for dietary supplements.