Polyphenols are micronutrients found in plants which can have notable health benefits. Fytexia use these botanical polyphenols to produce a range of functional ingredients for dietary supplements and healthcare products. 

Fytexia’s team of experts partner with a global network of researchers following the most stringent scientific principles and practices to develop products across three main health areas:

Body Composition and Metabolism

Sinetrol® helps to reduce excess fat mass and improve long-term body composition.

DNF-10® helps to lower calorie intake and reduce body fat mass.

Nutritional Supplementation

Oxxynea® provides a variety of polyphenols equivalent to the daily consumption of five portions of fruit and vegetables.

Rosiom® is a pre-biotic fibre which promotes a healthy gut microbiome. It is clinically proven to contribute to the reduction of risk factors cardiovascular disease.

GOS 70 are prebiotics which have been shown to facilitate the growth of healthy gut bacteria.

Quality of Life

Mangoselect® is made of xanthones from mangosteen extracts and is proven to support joint health.

PromunelTM is the first scientifically supported grade of propolis, obtained using the patented Multi Dynamic Extraction (MED®) process. Its benefits for immune health have been evaluated in clinical trial.

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Fytexia is a life sciences company specializing in the research and scientific validation of bioactive compounds, including polyphenols.