Cleaning Products

Cleaning product manufacturers are constantly demanding better performing, higher quality and more sustainable solutions for their latest innovations. Our businesses are at the cutting edge of research and development into products that can help.

AB Enzymes supplies customers with range of high-quality enzyme products and preparations, all manufactured using state-of-the art technologies. They provide efficient and more sustainable alternatives for manufacturing high performance, high-quality detergent products which meet and exceed today’s increasingly stringent regulatory and consumer requirements. Their specialised BIOTOUCH® enzymes deliver unique, cost-effective solutions for fabric maintenance and stain removal which make it possible to wash clothes at lower temperatures without compromising cleaning performance. As well as requiring less energy to heat water, these enzymes do not have added biocides, so the wastewater returned to watercourses does not damage ecosystems and biodiversity.

ABITEC Corporation produces a variety of vegetable and tallow-based products for rinse cycle fabric softeners. For consumers, their imidazolinium quaternaries provide the ultimate in softening and anti-static performance while their diamido amine quaternaries are an excellent choice for commercial laundries with high drying temperatures.

ABITEC Corporation is also at the forefront of the car rinse aid market with their innovative range of ACCOQUAT® emulsifiers for car wash rinse aid formulations.  These products provide excellent freeze-thaw stability and simplify life for rinse aid manufacturers because, in many cases, it means they don’t need to use secondary emulsifiers to maintain a stable, clear emulsion. ABITEC emulsifiers are very low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds) too, so they have less impact on the environment compared with many other rinse aid emulsifiers.

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AB Enzymes is an industrial biotech company specialized in enzymes and their applications in focused markets.


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ABITEC is a global manufacturer of specialty lipid ingredients for the pharmaceutical, nutritional, personal care, and industrial specialty markets.  ABITEC delivers a wide range of solutions in solubilisation, emulsification, and lubrication.

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