ABF Ingredients helps customers all over the world create innovative products for the food, feed, nutrition, pharmaceutical and industrial markets. Our companies are experts in taste, texture, solubility and emulsification, and are here to help you improve your products, your processes and your profitability.


We want to create a healthier world. That’s why we use our decades of experience to produce specialist ingredients of the highest quality to improve the health, safety and wellbeing of our customers’ consumers.

Health and Nutrition

To address the ever-increasing consumer emphasis on Health and Nutrition, ABITEC Corporation, Fytexia Group, Ohly and SPI Pharma develop and produce a range of ingredients derived from high quality sources for customers in the food and beverage, functional food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. 


Product innovation and unbeatable customer service are at the heart of our involvement in the pharmaceuticals industry through ABITEC Corporation and SPI Pharma. Both companies are renowned for producing safe, reliable and patient friendly formulations – however challenging – to help their customers expand their own product offering.

Animal Nutrition

The pioneering ingredients produced by AB Enzymes, ABITEC Corporation and Ohly for agricultural and companion animal feed have been specially designed to increase nutritional value, reduce customer costs and improve animal performance without harming the environment.


Ohly's X-SEED® yeast-based nutrients are a powerful tool for the biotechnology industry to achieve high yields, titers and productivity in fermentation processes. They are a balanced source of complex nutrients and contain amino acids, peptides, vitamins, minerals as well as growth factors and nucleotides.


Specialty Markets

We don’t just supply world beating specialty industrial ingredients to help our customers create and develop their own innovative products, we also work with them closely to streamline their own processes and keep their production costs down.