Specialty Markets

We don’t just supply world beating specialty industrial ingredients to help our customers create and develop their own innovative products, we also work with them closely to streamline their own processes and keep their production costs down.


Our customers are constantly demanding better performing, higher quality detergent products. AB Enzymes is at the cutting edge of research and development into new, specialised BIOTOUCH® enzymes for fabric maintenance and stain removal that provide high performance for optimised, high-quality detergent products.

Lubricants and Metalworking Fluids

ABITEC Corporation is leading the way in the manufacture of fluids from renewable resources for lubrication and metalwork applications, giving its customers a wider choice of synthetic and natural solutions.

Personal Care, Candles and Cosmetics

If you’re in the beauty and cosmetics industries, ABITEC Corporation will work side by side with you to develop innovative, eco friendly, vegetable based and food grade products to help you expand your own personal care ranges.

Pulp and Paper

AB Enzymes is a competent partner in delivering technically advanced enzymes for applications in the pulp and paper industry. Our state-of-the-art enzymes are used across a broad range of chemical and mechanical pulp applications for both paper and recycled grades.

Household, Industrial, and Institutional

As well as producing a wide variety of specialist industrial fabric softening, household and industrial cleaning products, ABITEC Corporation is also here to guide its customers through every stage of the development and manufacture process.


In textile processing and garment washing, AB Enzymes' textile enzyme products replace harsh chemicals and unsustainable processes with more environmentally friendly methods, saving water, time and energy.