From its manufacturing facilities in Germany and the USA, Ohly produces a comprehensive range of yeast based ingredients and culinary powders that are safe and don’t impact the environment – specially developed to take the taste of customers’ recipes to the next level.

The Ohly team develops and produces natural ingredients that deliver flavour or bring out the full taste of your recipe for a maximum food taste experience. Their customers can count on our quality and expertise to make their recipe a unique taste experience.

Ohly’s other passions include yeast based health ingredients. Their Boulardii yeast cells can cure and strengthen the digestive system, while their unique yeast derivatives strengthen both human and animal immune systems in a way that can lead to a significant reduction of antibiotics use on this planet and, therefore, help reduce the risk of multi-resistant germs in the future.

Just as important to Ohly is the use of our yeast extract based nutrient mixes that they market into the fermentation industry, where they ensure the high yield of our customers strains.

Ohly’s comprehensive range of functional taste, health ingredients and fermentation products includes:

  • Baker’s and Torula yeast extracts
  • Probiotic yeast
  • Nutritional yeast
  • Fermentation nutrient formulations
  • Culinary powders

When you work with Ohly, you can rely on product quality, high responsiveness and a flexibility that allows you to act swiftly in your dynamic market. The team offer in depth application knowledge, data and materials to support you in your recipe or process development. Their sensory panel constantly tests taste and flavour ingredients to provide you with detailed guidance on how you can impact and improve different taste components in your recipe – to make it the outstanding experience you need it to be.