Fytexia Group

Fytexia Group is a life sciences company specialising in the research and scientific validation of bioactive compounds. Their team of experts partner with a global network of researchers to deliver functional ingredients for the improvement of human health and wellbeing, targeting non-communicable diseases.

Fytexia was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in the South of France, near Montpellier. Fytexia Group is comprised of two businesses: Fytexia, a global expert in polyphenols, and B Natural, the European leader for the extraction and refinement of brown propolis.

Fytexia Group’s mission is to reduce risk factors for non-communicable diseases and mild infections by offering innovative nutritional ingredients developed through science-based research. With a focus on polyphenols, Fytexia develops and manufactures high-value ingredients from a dedicated production site which hosts an in-house laboratory for both research and quality control.

Fytexia Group deliver functional active nutrients, developed through the application of stringent scientific principles and practices. The company’s activities range from the development of active compounds to the creation of clinically tested ingredients. The ingredients developed by Fytexia Group are used in the formulas of the most advanced healthcare products, improving the health and wellbeing of consumers worldwide. 

Fytexia operates globally: health solutions developed by Fytexia are available in more than 35 countries.