Pharmaceutical Excipients

With its dedicated pharmaceutical facilities and commitment to high quality standards, SPI Pharma works with its customers to produce cost effective, high quality pharmaceutical and nutritional excipient products.

Through their process knowledge and formulation expertise, SPI Pharma has the ability to support customers’ applications including swallow tablets, chewable, soft chew, lozenge, orally disintegrating, and soft gel dosage forms. Partnering with SPI Pharma enables customers to produce cost-effective, high-quality, finished pharmaceutical and nutritional products.

SPI Pharma’s excipient products include sweeteners, binders, and lubricants- a few are highlighted below. For the full list, please visit the SPI Pharma website.

  • Effer-Soda® is a powder used as a surface protectant for sodium carbonate and prevents premature effervescence when exposed to moisture.
  • Lubripharm® SSF is a sodium stearyl fumarate lubricant that allows for a sturdier tablet or capsule that has lower sensitivity to overblending and much lower disintegration times.
  • Mannogem® Mannitol comes in different grades which are used as an excipient in many different oral dosage forms. Its low hygroscopicity and chemical stability make it a more appealing formulation binder.
  • Sorbitol Special®  effectively plasticises the gelatin shell, making capsules become more flexible and easier to use while preventing cracks. The flexibility extends stability, preventing excess moisture from reaching the capsule and prolonging its shelf-life. These grades also enhance the gloss of the capsule for a premium appearance.

The optimal combination of high quality ingredients and unparalleled technical expertise means SPI Pharma can solve even the most challenging formulation problems. SPI Pharma offers the industry’s most innovative formulations of orally disintegrating tablets and powder products.

SPI Pharma offers 3 delivery systems:

  • Pharmaburst® 500 is an ideal system for orally disintegrating tablets. Using this advanced technology, customers can expect stronger, more robust tablets with excellent organoleptics and disintegration time through an easy development process.
  • Pharmasperse® 416 technology provides outstanding organoleptics and enhanced functionality for orally dispersible powder formulations. Customers using Pharmasperse 416 will see consistency in both fill weight and drug distribution in each batch due to its uniform particle size and superior flow capability.
  • Advantol® 300 will help to solve any soft chew or quick melt solid dosage tablet formulation challenges. Because it is an excipient system, Advantol is highly compactable and allows for tablets that will have a faster disintegration rate with an overall better mouthfeel.

SPI Pharma’s advanced technologies create an easier manufacturing process by simply dry blending the active together with one of the products listed above and continuing with the standard manufacturing process.

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