ABITEC Corporation’s surfactants are widely used in personal care, cleaning and metalworking, and you can even call on their expertise to develop and improve your own products.

Surfactants are used to modify the surface tension between liquids in a variety of applications, from personal care and cosmetic formulations to metalworking fluids and cleaners for household and industrial use. ABITEC Corporation produces a diverse range of nonionic and cationic surfactants for specialty chemical and industrial markets. Many of their surfactants are based on natural, renewable raw materials.

Their product line includes the following:

  • ACCONON®: Nonionic surfactants, many of which are based on vegetable oils such as coconut or castor oil. They can produce both esters and alkoxylates (ethylene oxide and propylene oxide).
  • CAPMUL®: Mono- and diglyceride emulsifiers that are used primarily as emulsifiers or secondary surfactants; many of these products can add additional performance benefits such as emolliency and may have anti-microbial properties. They are used to produce stable emulsions to modify viscosity, and act as carriers and vehicles in selected applications.
  • CAPROL®: Polyglycerol esters that are very useful as emulsifiers, foaming agents, solubilisers, clouding agents, crystallization inhibitors, glossers and suspending agents. Their wide HLB range make them suitable for both w/o and o/w systems. PGE molecular weights vary from low to high and their form at room temperature ranges from a viscous liquid to a brittle solid. CAPROL PGEs may be the right choice if you are looking for EO-free surfactants.

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ABITEC is a global manufacturer of a wide range of specialty ingredients for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and industrial markets. 

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