Taste Masked Actives

Using its patented Actimask technology, SPI Pharma can help customers improve the taste, effectiveness and mouth feel of a wide range of tablets and pain relief drugs.

The technology provides an aqueous hydrophilic coating that delivers an excellent taste barrier without the need for solvents. In addition, the uniform hydrogel coating provides a smooth surface that has a preferable mouth feel and is easy to swallow, while simultaneously blocking the unfavourable taste of the drug.

Customers can choose from two Actimask products:

  • Actimask Acetaminophen, which has little or none of acetaminophen’s bitter taste but has the same drug release properties as uncoated acetaminophen
  • Actimask Ibuprofen, which allows minimal drug release during the first few minutes to prevent any burning sensation in the throat

Actimask is also available through Pharmasolutions, a drug development and testing service designed to help customers increase their product portfolio. Customers can tap into SPI Pharma’s 75 years of experience to create bespoke products that can be put to market quickly, safely and cost effectively.

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