Vaccine Adjuvants

SPI Pharma’s vaccine adjuvants can improve the performance of vaccines in human and veterinary applications. And the company is always on hand to help customers optimise or match their existing adjuvants.

SPI Pharma produces two types of vaccine adjuvant in aluminium hydroxide VAC gel grades: Standard Vaccine Adjuvants and Higher Adsorption Vaccine Adjuvants. The Higher Adsorption Adjuvants have 50 percent more adsorption capacity than the standard range.

In human applications, SPI Pharma adjuvants can boost the effectiveness of vaccines for diseases and infections such as hepatitis A and B, yellow fever, diphtheria and tetanus. Veterinary applications include foot and mouth disease, swine fever, avian influenza and rabies.

SPI Pharma can also put its vast experience to use by customising its VAC grades to optimise the performance of customers’ antigens or match the performance of their existing adjuvants.

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