Giving employees a helping hand with their qualifications

06 Sept 2023

The ABF Ingredients Study Sponsorship Programme provides the circumstances for employees to train for qualifications that may otherwise be out of reach and unlock the education they may need to progress their careers. Many individuals from ABF Ingredients businesses are eligible to participate and successful applicants receive full funding from the business and support from their team to attend classes.

Launched in 2021, the programme supports employees with degrees, virtual learning courses, and business qualifications. This year’s ABF Ingredients Study Sponsorship Programme has welcomed four new individuals who are now embarking on their studies.

Maricruz Quintero Martinez, PGP International

Maricruz is an accomplished employee at the PGP International Woodland site in California who has made significant career progress over the last few years. She has been promoted several times and is the first female to hold a Shift Production Manager position. Through the ABF Ingredients Study Sponsorship Programme, Maricruz is pursuing three certifications through the Association for Supply Chain Management to enhance her career prospects and develop her skills in critical areas of her job, such as inventory management, supply chain and logistics.

Dama Rodrĩguez Pulido, AB Biotek

Dama is studying for a logistics and supply chain management qualification at the Esade Business School in Barcelona, Spain. Instead of pursuing further education earlier in life, she started her professional career at 16 in a multinational logistics company, where she worked for 22 years. The qualification will complement her on-the-job experience, updating and developing her knowledge as a Product Line and Administration Manager at DR Healthcare, part of AB Biotek.

Florian Pallaks, Ohly

In Germany, Florian is embarking on a three-year virtual study programme in business informatics, a course that combines elements of economics, IT and digitisation. Florian has worked for Ohly since 2006 and has demonstrated a natural aptitude for IT-related tasks. The course is equipping him with the skills to identify and leverage technology potential for Ohly in his current role as a Dynamics 365 Specialist and help him to progress to the next stage of his career.

Brittany Williams, SPI Pharma

Time and financial constraints prevented Brittany, a US Customer Service and Supply Plan Associate at SPI Pharma, from completing her degree. However, she is now excited to have a second chance to achieve this goal by pursuing a three-year business management degree at Wilmington University in Delaware through the ABF Ingredients Study Sponsorship Programme. With the full backing of the SPI Pharma team, Brittany will have the time she needs to study for her degree alongside her work.