Plant protein innovations across the Group

10 Aug 2022

At ABFI, our businesses are champions of innovation, and this is particularly the case in the field of plant protein.

From PGP International’s new PROLIFICA texturized pea protein, through AB Enzymes’ COROLASE® and ROHALASE® enzyme solutions for plant-based food applications, to Ohly’s Plant Protein Taste Toolbox, ABFI have an impressive array of solutions for our customers.

PGP International launched PROLIFICA at Natural Products Expo West in March. The new range of texturized pea proteins offer more versatility and creativity in the development of familiar products using plant-based meats, which help consumers to be more sustainable or healthier while still enjoying the taste and textures of meat. PROLIFICA offers a low allergen alternative to soy and wheat products and are available in different sizes and levels of protein.

AB Enzymes’ product portfolio offers enzyme solutions for a variety of pulses and grains like faba bean, pea, soy, oat and others, that can be used in different plant-based food applications. Each raw material has a unique composition as well as specific functional and sensory properties which can be influenced by the type of processing. Enzymatic treatment with AB Enzymes’ solutions has several benefits compared to other processing methods. COROLASE® enzymes increase the solubility of plant proteins and improve their nutritional and functional properties such as foaming, emulsification and gelation characteristics which leads to greater application potential. ROHALASE® enzymes reduce viscosity, add sweetness, and improve texture and mouthfeel in plant-based drinks for final products with full taste and texture consumers will like.

Ohly’s Plant Protein Taste Toolbox was launched in May 2020 to give customers a comprehensive selection of ingredients that deliver key taste functionality for a wide range of products including vegan dairy and meat alternatives. Ohly believe that for any consumer to return to any plant-based product it must convince them with authentic taste and flavour. That’s why the toolbox provides key taste functionality such as umami taste boost, meaty note support, off note masking, salt reduction, roasted notes and juiciness while ticking all labelling boxes (vegan, non-GMO, allergen free, and Kosher & Halal certification). OHLY® SAV-R-MEAT PBD has recently been added to the toolbox to provide an authentic and powerful yeast-based chicken flavour.