SPI Pharma announce strategic partnership to offer broader access to sustainable saponin adjuvants

17 Oct 2023

SPI Pharma, Inc. (SPI) and Q-Vant Biosciences, Inc. (Q-Vant) have announced a partnership which combines Q-Vant's leadership in sustainable saponin extraction technology with SPI's global reach and servicing expertise in the pharmaceutical industry. The arrangement includes investment in the expansion of Q-Vant’s proprietary 100% sustainable Q-SAP™ technology and an exclusive commercial agreement to accelerate the global adoption of their saponin adjuvants for veterinary and human vaccine formulations.

Quillaja saponin-based adjuvants are considered the "Gold Standard" of adjuvants for enhancing immune response to vaccine antigens. They are a vital component in many human vaccines, and in veterinary vaccines used to combat foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks. However, these vaccines have been created with saponins from resource-constrained sources so there are potential supply chain risks and limits to their use in new vaccine developments.

With over a decade of saponin purification and sustainable Quillaja sourcing experience, Q-Vant has solved the challenges of unsustainable saponins and finally created a supply chain which will be capable of supporting billions of doses of saponin-based vaccines per year. Q-Vant has installed sustainable, scalable biomass technology and made significant investments in high density plantations, cell culture technology and greenhouses.

SPI brings experience and focus on pharmaceutical solutions including innovation, quality and regulatory expertise, logistics, and global customer support.

"Q-Vant is excited to be partnering with SPI and we look forward to working closely with them. The expertise of SPI's scientific and quality teams combined with the strength of its global sales network will allow us to accelerate the development and market acceptance of our innovative and fully sustainable saponin-based adjuvants," said Doug Klaiber, CEO and Co-founder of Q-Vant.

The addition of Q-Vant's sustainable saponin adjuvants to SPI's portfolio of parenteral products will solidify SPI's leadership in the space.

"The combined expertise of this partnership with Q-Vant will create a unique solution provider to vaccine developers and manufacturers globally. The high quality, fully integrated sustainable supply of saponin adjuvants is a perfect addition to further enhance our portfolio and meet the needs of our pharmaceutical and veterinary customers," added Scott Thomson, CEO of SPI Pharma.