Who We Are

ABFI develops, produces and markets Specialty ingredients for the Food, Beverage and Nutrition, Feed, Pharmaceutical sectors , as well as for a variety of other industrial applications.

ABFI is the Specialty Ingredients Division of Associated British Food.

It comprises six empowered Businesses, diverse in the technologies they command, but sharing a common set of values, a common Business Model and, above all, a common passion to create value for their customers through innovation, agility and entrepreneurship.

These six businesses service diverse industries in Food, Nutrition, Pharmaceuticals, Animal Feed, and other Industrial sectors. Our customers range from very large multinational companies to small and medium-sized regional organisations.

ABFI's specialty ingredients provide their Customers with a wide breadth of functionalities. From taste, texture, shelf-life extension, health and wellness in Food, Nutrition and Feed , to bioavailability enhancement and formulation excipients for pharmaceutical applications, productivity and sustainability enhancement in industrial applications.

Our people are our foundation. Our employees are engaged, empowered, and expert. Their entrepreneurship, diversity and collaborative team working are what makes ABFI Businesses a partner of choice for their customers.

The Unique ABFI Way

Delivering Value

  • Superior ingredient functionalities
  • Differentiated product performance
  • Customer centric services
  • Cost-in-use focus

End-to-End Agility & Responsiveness to Customers

Consistent, Compliant, Controlled Supply Chain
“The 3 Cs"

Technical Expertise

Innovate and Customize to deliver superior product functionality through integrated and speedy decision-making across R&D, Sales and Production (The Balanced Triangle) Deliver quality products reliably, consistently, and in compliance with regulatory and customer requirements

Acquire, develop, and retain technical talent throughout the whole end to end supply chain and in each ABFI Company

An Enabling and Aligned Culture

Empowered Companies & People