ABF Ingredients introduces revised policies to reflect global sustainable thinking in 2023

22 Aug 2023

Sustainability and approaches in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) are subject to intense global focus and are changing rapidly. As a conscientious and progressive group of businesses, ABF Ingredients regularly update our policies to align with current international standards and best practices. It’s a review that ensures our actions are industry-leading and effective.

Reviewing our policies also allows us to identify areas for improvement and raise our ambitions, leading to greater long-term success in our sustainability efforts. By prioritising sustainability and continually considering the need to adjust our policies to reflect both global contexts and internal landscapes accurately, we honour our commitment to contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

Creating an overarching Sustainability Policy

Our sustainability commitments are shaped by three pillars: people, planet, and customer. Our Sustainability Policy 2023 commits our businesses to adopt a shared ambition to protect our future success economically, socially and environmentally. This is achieved by embedding sustainable thinking into our business strategies and providing products to help our customers with their sustainability ambitions.

Jay Dhillon, ABF Ingredients’ Safety, Risk and Sustainability Director, comments, “Our Sustainability Policy for 2023 reaffirms our commitment to protecting our people and all who partner with us, respecting the planet’s natural resources and environment for future generations, and providing our customers with safe, high-quality and future-ready products. Our policy lays out the framework we use to honour these commitments.”

ABFI Sustainability Policy

The commitments in our Environmental Policy

Our updated Environmental Policy for 2023 outlines our efforts to minimise our environmental impact while strengthening our climate resilience in a fragile world.

The policy includes our commitment to reducing greenhouse gases and sets out our ambitious aims to reach net zero by 2050. It also explains how we invest in renewable energy, advocate ethical sourcing and manage water sensitively and diligently. We are committed to monitoring our progress to ensure we continue to improve.

ABFI Environmental Policy

Going further in our Health and Safety Policy

Striving for zero harm in the workplace has always been a cornerstone of our Health and Safety Policy and will remain so. However, our updated Health and Safety policy goes further in highlighting how we enrich our employees' lives. We have committed to implementing programmes that support our people’s mental and physical wellbeing, going above and beyond what we have done in the past.

Jay Dhillon, ABF Ingredients’ Safety, Risk and Sustainability Director, adds, “Our policy has always reflected that our people are our key ingredient, and we must protect their safety. In 2023, we have renewed this commitment and reaffirmed our ambition to improve and maintain our employees’ mental and physical health. The approach may vary by business, but the consistent programme theme aims to increase awareness and adoption of positive and healthy behaviours.”

ABFI Health and Safety Policy